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17 September 2015 - Fleet news
Latest double decker into the fleet is Volvo B7TL WVL8. This was originally VLW123 with Arriva London. The DP class of Dart has been withdrawn from service, having been replaced by the new MMs.

28 August 2015 - Changes to bus services
Just a reminder that many bus services accross Hertfordshire and beyond will be changing this weekend. A brief summary of how our routes are affected follows.

200 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
201 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
203 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
205 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
206 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
215 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
298 - No change.
303 - Morning bus extended to Oaklands College.
306 - Revised timetable and routeing.
306A - No longer operated.
306B - New Saturday route
306C - Minor changes to timetable.
312 - No longer operated. Refer to Intalink.
330 - New timetable. Now runs hourly.
331 - Morning bus extended to St Albans.
355 - No longer operated. See 358.
358 - Revised routeing.
398 - No longer runs Saturdays. See 306B
626 - No change.
628 - No change.
653 - No change.
683 - No change.
688 - No change.
823 - Minor rerouteing in South Borehamwood.
833 - Extra bus and revised routeing in South Oxhey.
841 - No longer operated. See 398.
950 - No change.
951 - No change.
B3 - No change.
B76 - No change.
B77 - No Change.

20 August 2015 - Timetable booklet for Watford and Hertsmere



Our new booklet containing details of our revised bus services in and around Borehamwood, Watford and Potters Bar has gone to print.
Click the image to download a PDF version.


22 July 2015 - More service information for the Autumn School Term
Information for school students:

JFS - from Watford, Bushey, Radlett, Elstree and Borehamwood
Details here.

Bushey Meads School - from Borehamwood and Elstree
Details here.

8 July 2015 - Revised services for the Autumn School Term
We can now announce some of our revised services for next term:

Queens' School - from Carpenders Park and South Oxhey
Route 833 will be revised and increased to cater for students displaced from Mullaney's route QS4 which will no longer run.
Further details here.

Queens' School - from Borehamwood
Route 306 will run more often at school times, route 398 will have a new timetables and route 823 will be extended in South Borehamwood to serve the wholelength of Ashley Drive.
Further details here.

Chancellor's School
All buses will run under the number "398" ("841" will no longer be used). Season tickets will be reduced in price.
Further details here.

Nicholas Breakspear School and Oaklands College
Routes 355 and 358 will be combined into a single service numbered 358. There are several changes to the routeing of service 358.
Routes 303, 331 and and 358 will be extended ito Oaklands College, with route 331 further extended to St Albans.
Further details here.

St Michael's School
Route 823 will have a minor rerouteing in South Borehamwood. Route 833 will be revised in South Oxhey.
Further details here.

5 July 2015 - More new buses
As expected, we picked up two more Volvo B7TLs which had been with Arriva London. They are now our WVL 6 and 7 (LF52UPL/M) and are being prepared for service.

1 July 2015 - New bus
Latest bus to join our fleet is WVL5 (LF52UPV) - a Volvo B7TL double decker which has recently been in use around north London with Arriva. It has already been out on route 306 and will be joined by two more similar vehicles later this week.