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Days Out Hotline: 01707 646803

Important announcement :

Due to many other commitments we have had to suspend our days out programme until further notice.
We hope to run a few trips later in the year.
This page will be updated as soon as a trip is organised.
We are very sorry for the obvious disappointment to our many customers.


Frequently asked questions

1. Can we book?
There's no need! We accept payment on the day which keeps our administrative costs to a minimum, which in turn enables us to offer extremely low fares.
In the past there have been a few trips where pre-booking enabled further discounts at attractions, now all our trips have been negotiated with the best possible discount without this restriction.

2. Are your trips just for older people?
No. The destinations are carefully chosen to appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. Although many of our passengers are senior citizens, most of our trips are very popular with families. On any trip we have passengers from all age groups.

3. What happens if the bus is full?
We always endeavour to supply a second bus, or a third if necessary!

4. Can you explain your fares structure?
Fares are based on distance. We have separate fares for adults, concessions (senior citizens/disabled) and children (5-16 or under 5 if occupying a seat). We have family fares which offer substantial discounts. For some long distance trips we have further reduced the already discounted family fare to give exceptional bargains for a "family" (see 5 below) at attractions such as wildlife parks.

5. What constitutes a "family"?
Any group of up to four people, no more than two of whom are adults or senior citizens. We won't ask for proof of kinship!

6. Do you offer discounts on admissions, etc?
Yes! We always try to obtain discounts for our passengers. We can’t always do this in advance because we do not know the numbers travelling, but, for example, we have been able to obtain substantial discounts at Colchester Zoo and Legoland. We have also provided voucher books giving discounts for a range of attractions and cafes/restaurants in Southend; obtained discounts for attractions in Oxford, Canterbury and Bekonscot Model Village. Not to mention 10% off at a fantastic tearoom in the Cotswolds. We hope to arrange many more discounts in future.

7. Can we use our own discount vouchers?
Yes, but you may find we can obtain a better deal. If your deal is the same as ours we would prefer you to use ours as this could enable all your fellow passengers to get a discount.

8. How long is your pick up route?
It can take up to an hour, which is shorter than many other companies’ pick-up routes. For most passengers it is much less than that, but depends on the number of passengers. If we need two or more buses we may be able to split the route and when we do have more than one bus everyone benefits as we can do different drop off routes so passengers get home earlier. So please bring your friends and help us make the programme bigger and better for everyone!

9. If we are first on the bus are we also the last off?
Not necessarily. We try to vary the drop-off route so that everyone gets a chance of being one of the first to be dropped off. But the destination visited may determine the actual drop-off route.

10. What time will we leave the destination?
This varies, but will usually be between 16.30 and 17.30. Your driver will give clear instructions so you know where and when you need to return to the bus.

11. What time will we get home?
This depends on the distance to the destination visited, traffic and where you get off the bus. In recent years (except on later evening trips) we typically dropped off passengers between 18:15 and 20:45.

12. We have heard "horror stories" about coaches being delayed in traffic and spoiling the day out. How often does this occur?
For us, not so often! Traffic problems can always affect journey times for cars, buses and coaches, but we do our very best to reduce their effect. We use "Trafficmaster" - a satellite system which identifies hold ups, enabling our drivers to take alternative, quicker routes.

13. Do you have a toilet on board?
Sorry, no. Our longer distance trips have comfort breaks planned en-route, and we will always do our best to find a toilet when one is required.

14. You use double decker buses. Are they safe? Aren't they slow and uncomfortable?
Coaches are limited to 62.5 mph. The double deckers we normally use on our trips do 60 mph so are only slightly slower than coaches. Our 'deckers are fitted with coach-style seats with full three-point seatbelts and have an excellent safety record. A view from the upper deck, especially when travelling through scenic areas such as the Chilterns or Cotswolds, is far superior to that from a single deck coach!

15. Can you accommodate wheelchairs?
Yes. The double deckers we normally use are wheelchair accessible. However, we advise wheelchair users to give us a phone call a day or two before to guarantee a space.

16. Do you carry dogs or other pets?
We will accommodate guide dogs but please phone a day or two beforehand as we must limit the number carried on each bus. As journeys are much longer than a normal bus route's and pets can become restless, we have to consider the majority of passengers and so do not carry household pets.

17. Are the trips suitable for single people?
Most definitely !!! New friendships have been formed on our trips and many of our regular passengers are single people.

18. Many or most of your trips are on Sundays. Why is this?
Sundays have proved the most popular day. But we also run trips on other days of the week.

19. Aren’t some of your trips full of noisy children?
No. We ask that children are accompanied by an adult. The majority of child passengers are very well behaved and our drivers will deal with any excessively noisy behaviour.

20. Why are your pick up routes so long? Why don’t you just pick up at a few key places?
The idea of the routes is to pick up and drop off passengers near their homes, saving the expense and inconvenience of having to use another bus, car, taxi, friend, or a lengthy walk. If you added the extra time you would need to get to a central pick up point
, our routes are likely to work out quicker. Moreover, on Sundays there are fewer local buses around and you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving!

21. Where and when can we get details of future trips?
This website!
We can also take your address and send you a brochure, or you may be able to pick one up on our buses. Brochures are often also available at Potters Bar Library, Elm Court Centre and the Well End shop. You may also find a list of trips with times and fares at many bus stops on the pick up route.
Our website will carry details of occasional additional trips.

22. We have some specific questions about the trips such as where we will be picked up and dropped off as we are meeting friends. Can you give me details?
Your driver will be able to offer advice on this. Sometimes it is necessary to take account of local conditions (such as road closures, events, full coach parks) on the day. We suggest you ring him a couple of days before the trip on our Days Out Hotline 01707 646803.

Other queries before the day of the trip can be addressed to

23. We have a question not answered above, or we need to contact our driver on the day.
Just ring 01707 646803 on or before the day,
e-mail up to a couple of days beforehand.

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Page updated 30 August 2015