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Route 833

Due to the redevelopment of central South Oxhey we are having to make some changes to route 833. Details in the downloads below but the changes can be summarized as:-

In the mornings buses will continue to run at the current times but will be unable to start from Carpenders Park Station Approach Stop A so will instead use Stop C opposite the station in Prestwick Road.
In the afternoons the bus will drop off in the opposite direction around South Oxhey running from Brookdene Avenue to Prestwick Road, Sandy Lane, Hayling Road. This will provide a quicker journey for those requiring South Oxhey shops, Carpenders Park and Prestwick Road but add a few minutes to the journey for those living in the Hayling Road area.

There will be a further change to times in September to meet revised school finishing times.

Buses to St Michael's School
Queens School from South Oxhey